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Rufus, a dog, has an office in Beverly Hills, California at an address that satisfies the USA anti-spam law requiring a postal address on all commercial email. Yet Rufus and his best friend, Trent, have never been to the USA and do not rent an office or even a mailbox there.

Rufus has a Beverly Hills phone number at his invisible office. Callers think they are talking to Rufus in Beverly Hills when it's actually Trent in Singapore. Trent can call anyone in the USA or Canada any time and talk as much as he chooses while Rufus' phone bill, with voice mail and other services, is only $3.50 per month.

Trent and Rufus pay nothing for almost all the software and online services they use.

Rufus has a bank account, a debit card account, and PlayPal and ClickBlank accounts. (Spelling is odd for legal reasons.)

Rufus wags his tail when he gets his bank statement because he makes a lot of money in easy multilevel marketing programs while few others ever make a profit. They don't suspect they have a dog in their upline.

Rufus is careful not to break any laws. He obeys them in clever ways that he learned at the "Sly Dog Obedience School" from which he graduated with honors.

Everything I mentioned and more is explained in "Easy Income Secrets". Even the tricks you don't use are good to know so you don't get fooled by advertisers. Here are some more Rufus exploits that you'll learn about.

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